HedgeFund Networking

Creating connections and providing knowledge for investment managers.

We are a group of industry specialists who’ve come together to provide a way for alternative investment managers of all types with a way to network and share information about our ever-changing industry in-person through events and online.

It is the goal of keelercom.com to organize an ongoing schedule of networking events around the country. These events will target professionals affiliated with the hedge fund community. Managers and employees of hedge funds attending these will receive free admission. As a sponsor, any attendance fees we charge will be waived for guests you invite.

In addition to publicizing the events through hedge fund related media,keelercom.com intends to energetically promote the events to specifically focus on increasing attendance by hedge fund managers and employees.  A variety of creative efforts will be used to communicate with CTA’s, CPO’s and hedge fund professionals.


For an overview of Sponsorship Opportunities at scheduled Hedge Fund Networking Events (including pricing), please follow the link below:

                      HFN – Sponsorship       



If you are ready to reserve your sponsorship now, or have additional questions-  e-mail us at: sales@keelercom.com